Solve your airport hassles in a flash

Those of you who are familiar and/or regular travelers through the many terminal points of Heathrow Airport, one of the worlds busiest, largest and most famous, may just be taking this suggestion with a pinch of salt. According to your personal experience, there is just not a snowball’s chance that you will be navigating this imposing space, which seems to stretch for miles, in a flash, or in a heartbeat. Solve your ongoing airport hassles in a flash? Come on, really, are you serious, and; no way, is what many of you are thinking right now.


And not just Heathrow, JFK, Oliver Tambo, Tokyo, Berlin, Beijing, any large and iconic airport in the world. How is this possible? How in heaven’s name can anyone go through the entry terminal and, finally, board his or her designated plane without just one hiccup. Not even Gatwick or smaller, remote airports from around the world can do justice to a quick service or check-in and boarding experience. Londoners and fellow-travelers; time to return to Heathrow Airport for your next flight out, or even in. There is a new search and rescue team in town.

Actually, it is more accurately and aptly a meet and greet, if you please, service. And it’s not just at LHR, Joburg or JFK; it’s in and around at least five hundred airports anywhere in the world today. You can find them on your mobile, or if you are a regular mile high or frequent flyer traveler, but without a personal flight plan, who knows, they may just find you. Yes, that’s correct. The service experience begins online. Once contact has been established, you fill them in about your destination requirements. You can also pick out what service delights being offered by them you would like to experience.

For instance, if you are scheduled for a very long flight indeed, as in a full night’s rest, you can relax and unwind before the boarding time in not just any lounge, but the VIP lounge. Imagine being able to do that at Heathrow at no extra cost to you. This luxury is included in your friendly service fee. You may also have some last-minute shopping to attend to, but Heathrow’s malls leave you all at sea. Your friendly meet and greet agent can direct you to those shops you are searching for and even help you on your way with your parcels.

They most certainly will be helping you with your luggage. Particularly if you are going to be away for a long while, that has got to be one of the most painful logistical nightmares around. You are always on tenterhooks, wondering if your luggage is safe. But not with your experienced handler. And when he or she finally sees you off, don’t think it’s all over. The customer service can be arranged and continued at your next destination, even if it is halfway around the world.