Interesting Facts About Blogging

The world of blogging is exciting for many people who enjoy sharing bits and pieces of their personal life, thoughts, and opinions with the world. After you visit, you will have all the tools needed to be successful at blogging. However, you may have a few questions about blogging, or are you may be interested in learning a few facts about it. Whatever the case may be, read below to learn a few interesting facts about blogging.

The First Blog

Did you know that the word blog is a combination of the word web and log? The first blog came about in the early 1990s. It was a hobby that someone created to share their thoughts. It was an online diary of some sorts. Today, things have expanded considerably in the world of blogging. Many people use it for purposes aside from sharing personal thoughts and opinions. In fact, many business owners use it to promote their products, services, and more.  It was Justin Hall who was the first person to write a blog. This occurred in 1994.

Blogging Platforms

As a blogger, you will need a platform in which to work on. There are hundreds of them out there. Of them, the most popular are BlogSpot and WordPress. WordPress is the latest blogging platform to join the craze, the one that is respected and admired by many people. It is easy to use, and has many free templates that you can use.

So Many Blogs

In 1994, Mr. Hall was the first person to write a blog and while other people shared in this hobby, it was slow to catch on. In 1999, only 23 blogs existed on the web. Today, more than 2 billion blogs are out there. WordPress has more than 60 million of the blog posts. Also interesting, a new blog is written every half-second, and more than 31 million bloggers exist in the U.S. alone!

It’s More than Just a Hobby in the U.S.

Although people across the United States love blogging, it is also popular in other countries. More than 60% of all published blogs are written in English. Spanish, Indonesian, and Portuguese are the next most popular languages in which blogs are written.

Blog Promotions

Bloggers use a variety of techniques to market their blog. The more marketing that is done for the blog, the better you will be at blogging. This is just one of the many things that you learn at Social media is the most commonly used form of marketing for a blog post, particularly Facebook.

A Blog Post is Powerful

One of the many reasons that blogging has become so popular is because it is so powerful. Did you know that a blog has enough power to influence a person to make it purchase? Statistics show that businesses that use a blog get more visitors to their site, and it their profits are more. That alone is reason enough to write blogs.