What is a Gum Graft and Why is it Necessary?

This definition relates directly to the oral hygiene and dental fraternity and its patients. The gum graft serves as the patient’s layman definition for required periodontal plastic surgery or a gingival graft. As already indicated, the procedure is entirely surgical. Gum tissue needs to be grafted in order to seal exposed or vulnerable root surfaces and thus prevent these from becoming infected, decayed or diseased.

gum graft

The root surfaces become exposed after soft tissue encounters the prevalence of keratin. This tissue also lines the cheeks. This goes some way in explaining why the symptom of swelling is quite visible among a number of patients. Even the tongue is affected. This can have an effect on the taste buds. Another less welcome symptom of such negative occurrences is that of pain or sensitivity. When this is encountered, a sense of urgency prevails and the affected person has no alternative but to turn to his dental practitioner for help.

Ideally, all adults should be exercising common sense and moral responsibility by availing themselves of the opportunity to schedule regular appointments for them and their children to alleviate such eventualities that would otherwise occur of not checked. But those who still harbor phobias in regard to visiting the dentist should rest easy in the knowledge that procedures, when necessary, are no longer painful.

At the worst, all that will be felt is some discomfort. At best, surgery may not even be necessary, depending on the patient’s condition. Dental technologies have advanced to such a degree that alternative, less invasive and non-surgical procedures are open to the patient. Also, even if such infections have been left undetected for some time before diagnosis, no loss of teeth need occur. Alongside the pain phobia, this is yet another myth of the oral hygiene and dental environment that needs to be overcome.

The potential for inherited (exterior) diseases has also been eliminated. Always bear in mind that dental procedures are always carried out in a completely sanitized environment. One aspect of an alternative form of therapy is that the use of own tissue is taken advantage of. This entails simply lifting tissue directly from the mouth’s palate. And the benefits of such corrective measures should provide further encouragement for those who continue to fear a visit to the dentist.

Pain and sensitivity is decreased after the procedure is allowed to run its course. The exposed root canal is a thing of the past. Nevertheless, phobia-stricken men and women must always be reminded that that there is still a lot they can do to avoid such occurrences. It is both common sense and the exercising of discipline. And it is not a difficult mantra to follow. All it really takes is the regular brushing of those teeth, twice a day and directly after meals.

And when that basic practice is instilled, there may never be a need for a gum graft.